two turtle doves

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some random updates

Well, I haven't updated in a while so I have a lot of random information to talk about! First off, Miles and I bought a "new" car!! We've been wanting to sell his truck and get something both of us can drive (I tried to learn how to drive a stick-shift...definitely NOT for me!) and that has a little more room. Within 2 days we were able to sell his truck and buy an SUV. We ended up getting a 2000 Ford Explorer. It's a two door, and candy-apple red. We've had a few issues right off the bat, such as breaking down 60 miles from home (coming home from Cabelas with Alex and Lissa, they got to share in our fun!) We ended up getting it towed, which was a first time experience for me and hopefully the last! I guess the alternator went out, so hopefully that won't happen again. Anyway, Miles has been having a good time getting the SUV all camo-ed out and I'm just excited to be able to drive his vehicle now! Our Mister Diesel is doing good, he got fixed and I just laughed when the vet said for him to not jump or run for 14 days. Really?!? You tell that to a 4 month old puppy. Anyway, he healed perfectly even with all the playing he did. He's recently decided to eat the blankets that he sleeps on in his crate, I discovered this when I woke to him puking up a huge mass of material. So he doesn't get anything to sleep on for now (for his own safety) Another big event just brother Justin graduated from Basic Training today! He joined the Army and has been away at bootcamp since September. He's doing great and he gets to move to Alabama now for the next part of his career. My whole family got to go to South Carolina to see him graduate, while Miles and I were stuck at! I was really bummed but I got to talk to him tonight! I can't wait until his 2 week leave on Dec 18th! I'll add some pictures once I get home on my own computer (I'm at work still) Well, that's about all the updates I can think of for now...I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and remembers to thank God for all the blessings he has placed in our lives!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playing in the snow!

I woke up Friday morning to snow on the ground! I was so surprised...and excited to see how Diesel would react to his first snow experience. He first smelled it and licked it, and then dug in it some. It was so cute. I got out the camera and caught this funny video....