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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Job!

Finally...after searching for over 5 or 6 months I (Alli) got a job! Although it is not in the social work field, I decided that it will be great experience in general. I will be working for Whirlpool doing service calls from Home Depot dealing with all their products and whatnot. It's a full time job with benefits and I'll have my own little cubicle! I start training on Sept. 7th. I have the potential to eventually move up and be hired into Whirlpool in a position that is more social work related too. I can't believe I finally found something, it's such a huge relief especially since we'll be moving into our house in a few weeks! Well, other than that news not much has been happening. We've got a busy month ahead of us with moving and me starting a job...but it will be so exciting!

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